Urban Research and Training Consultancy E.A Limited

who we are

Who we are

Our Motto is Credibility, Effectiveness and Affordability.

Urban Research and Training Consultancy Ltd thrives to ensure that results of urban research assignments are credible, and that training and professional practice assignments are effective through choices of most appropriate approaches, methods and techniques for each individual assignment.

To this effect, we keep ourselves up to date with advancements and trends in the theoretical and methodological realms of urban development and environmental management.

We are also dedicated to offering services which are affordable. We believe that research, training and professional practice needs of most organisations and individuals involved or interested in urban development are often suppressed or shelved due to economic constraints.

This is even more so in developing countries where urban population growths and physical changes hence increasing demands for urban services are often far beyond economic capacities of cities.

In this direction, we try very hard to make it possible for us to provide high quality services at prices that are relatively low in comparison with those in the market for similar services.

We have created a data bank with vast information about urban development world-wide that can be used quickly when appropriate to inform project assignments hence cut down project duration.

We provide some services electronically.

We employ available local professionals, technicians and other resources in execution of assignments.